5 Subtle Ways Cats Teach Humans

5 Subtle Ways Cats Teach Humans

Cats don’t need to be able to talk to tell their humans exactly what the want!

Here are 5 examples of how our furry friends tell us what to do.


cat wants to go out

1. Time To Go Out


Sitting by the door or window and staring at it should be enough for a human to get the message. But if that doesn’t work than yowling and scrapping should do the trick.

Of course the human must be on standby to let the cat back in again 2 minutes later, and out again and in again……..




2. Time For Food

Again sitting by their food bowl should be enough to get a humans attention but sometimes more drastic measures are required.

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3. Belly Rub Time!

If your cat suddenly flips itself on it’s back and starts purring, then that can mean only one thing. Belly Rub Time!


4. Time To Play

Cats love to play and they love it when you go out and buy expensive toys for them…..


……because it usually comes in a great box!

5. Bed Time

Cats will sleep just about anywhere……



……but their favorite place is your bed!

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