The problem of abandoned kittens

The problem of abandoned kittens

Abandoned kittens after unwanted breeding is becoming increasing common. By not getting their cats neutered people find themselves unable to cope with unwanted litters of kittens. As a result they often resort to putting them in a box and dumping them just like in this example below.

Box of abandoned kittens found on driveway

abandoned kitten familyFive kittens and a cat were taped into a box and abandoned on a driveway on Monday night.

Concerned resident, Amanda Campbell, found the box, which was perforated with air holes, on the driveway of her home at Impington at 10.30pm. Inside the box was the cat and her five kittens.

“I went to put the bins out at about 10.30pm and there was a suspicious box on the driveway.

“We’ve never had anything like this happen to us before, but I know it does go on. A couple of weeks ago, I read in the paper that a jogger had reported a box to the RSPCA and that they came and got the cat that was inside.”

Amanda took the animals to the Blue Cross in Cambridge.

Claire Thomas, interim deputy manager at Blue Cross, said: “It’s still early, but they all seem to be in good health and they are eating and drinking. They don’t seem to be too fazed by the ordeal.

“Mum is a little bit underweight but, in general, they seem to be alright. They seem very friendly, so they have obviously been socialized and have been living in a friendly environment.”

The kittens, which are thought to be between five and six weeks old, will be assessed by a vet at the Blue Cross before they are sent to a foster family until they are old enough to be re-homed permanently.

Mother and abandoned kittens

People need to get their cats neutered

Claire said the problem of cats being abandoned was becoming increasingly common, with about 70 per cent of the animals coming to the centre having been abandoned in the Cambridge area.

She said people often end up with unwanted litters of kittens which they were unable to look after.

Claire said pet owners who suddenly find themselves unable to cope should contact animal charities such as the Blue Cross rather than trying to dispose of the animals in this manner.

She praised Amanda’s actions and said people who discovered animals in similar circumstances should call them immediately.


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