Good or bad luck to own a black cat?

Good or bad luck to own a black cat?

Some people still believe that black cats are bad luck!  So we wanted to proove that having a black cat around is actually good luck!

Myth surrounding the black cat

This video explains how the myth of black cats being bad luck came about in the first place.

Why Are Black Cats Considered BAD LUCK?

National Black Cat Day! – Black cats have an unfair reputation of being bad luck, I did my best to find out why this superstition began… Purrsonally I LOVE BLACK CATS! Purrlease share this video to help dispel this myth and help more black cats find their furever homes

MUSIC: “Teller of Tales”

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This autistic woman finds it much easier to communicate when a black cat is around.

Black cats help this woman communicate

Jordan’s nonverbal behavior was not a choice, however. The 22-year-old woman has autism, and often has trouble expressing herself to the world around her. Except, that is, when she’s around cats. Specifically black cats.

In 2006, Jordan (whose last name was not revealed) arrived at Mychal’s Learning Place, a nonprofit organization that provides services for children and adults with developmental disabilities. In partnership with Adopt and Shop, an animal rescue and retail store, volunteers from Mychal’s get the chance to spend time with animals.

But the benefits can be mutual. When Jordan volunteers, she gets to play with adoptable cats, providing socialization and stimulation for them, and also for her.

“She has shown lots of improvement and continues to improve on her communication skills,” Alicia Galindo of Mychal’s told The Dodo. “We first discovered her love for cats when she began to draw pictures of black cats.”

Not only do black cats make Jordan insanely happy — they also help her speak.

“Her verbal skills have improved greatly. When she is around cats, she loves talking to them,” Galindo said.

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Black Cats Rule!

check out this little kitty, who could say that he is bad luck?

Black Cats, Friday the 13th & Bad Luck are often all associated with one another… We strongly disagree and feel so lucky that we rescued Cole and he’s part of our lives… take a look back at some of his funniest/cutest/goofiest moments and if it makes you smile share it with others so we can show the world that black cats are GOOD LUCK and you’d be lucky to be owned by one! BLACK CATS RULE!

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So the next time a black cat crosses your path what will you do?

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