Cat grooming and bathing

Cat grooming and bathing

Cat grooming is never that difficult, given that they achieve most of the job for you !. Cats are very effective with caring for themselves. They are very particular on cleanliness and will expend considerable time grooming themselves. Nevertheless, there could be occasions when you want to lend a helping hand. Brushing a kitty can help reduce hairballs and also every now and then a kitty does need to get bathed. In addition, if your kitty  scratches, you may wish to trim its nails.

Brushing your cat

When you brush a your cat make sure you use a proper  pet brush. Brushing redistributes the cat’s natural oils thereby making it’s fur look shiny as well as pretty, thus helping with the cat grooming. If you acat grooming brushre using a fine tooth metal comb, then you can certainly get lots of the fur out that the cat is unable to get herself. This will help your cat with hairballs. A long haired kitty ought to be brushed daily. A short haired kitty can be brushed two to three times per week, you may be shocked at the amount of fur you will end up with! Typically, cats fall in love with being brushed and could even request you to do so.

When do you bath your cat?

Bathing a cat is definitely not the easiest thing to do. Cats should not be bathed too often, only when she or he is extremely dirty. Your cat will most likely not like to bath any way. Unless you introduced cleaning your cat when they were very small then it is best to let your cat get used to it gradually, Utilize a mild shampoo that is built for cats. The natural oils in cats fur is a lot different than the natural oils in your hair, so try not to utilize your shampoo on a cat. Also, some of the fragrances in human shampoos can adversely impact the kitty. Make sure to hang on tight to the kitty when washing because he or she will likely fight you!

Clipping your cats claws

Clipping your cats claws regularly is an important part of cat grooming, especially if they take pleasure in clawing the furniture. You have to be careful when doing this, because it is not hard to cut to the quick, that is a vein that runs in the kitties nail, slicing this will hurt your cat and may also result in bleeding or even infection. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, most veterinary surgeries offer this service for a moderate fee.

By following these simple cat grooming tips you can be sure that your kitty will be clean and happy. You may also find that it reinforces the bond between you and your cat!

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