Cats In Boxes

Cats In Boxes

What is it with cats in boxes?

cats in boxesHow many times have you brought home a box and the first thing your cat does is try to jump in? Have you ever wondered why your cat loves boxes so much? This article from The Huffington Post explains…



It’s well-established that cats freakin’ love boxes.

Just ask any cat owner who’s purchased a fancy cat-bed for their beloved pet, only to find the feline would rather curl up in the box.

Even big cats like lions and tigers are crazy about boxes. The question is, why?

This Simon’s Cat Logic video, above, provides some insight into the psychology surrounding cats and boxes. Basically, they see enclosed spaces like boxes as a source of comfort, but they’re not just for stressed-out cats. Pretty much every cat (OK, fine, maybe you have the weird cat that hates boxes) can benefit from boxes, so feel free to scatter them around until your home mildly resembles a landfill. We won’t judge, and your cat might thank you.

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