Does Your Cats Personality Match It’s Face?

Does Your Cats Personality Match It’s Face?

Research has shown that there could be a connection between a cats personality and the shape of it’s face. Square, round or triangular, which face shape is right for you?cats personality


What face shape does YOUR cat have? Pet researcher claims facial features can reveal a cats personality.

California-based cat behaviorist, Arden Moore, has revealed the personalities associated with round, square and triangular cats – and says her theory is helpful in matching a cat to a person.


‘Cats with square faces are often keen to please their owners. ‘Square cats tend to be affectionate and love to snuggle and give head-butts,’ said cat behaviorist, Arden Moore

Triangular cats have been referred to as ‘the herding dogs of the cat world.’ Triangular cats are thought to do best in active households and are usually busy, curious, smart and vocal

Cats with round faces have flatter features, large eyes, circular heads and rounded bodies. ¬†Arden Moore describes them as the ‘lap dogs’ of the feline world.’They tend to be low-energy, easily frightened, submissive cats that gently display their affection to trusted family members,’ she said


Read the full article at:Pet researcher claims a feline’s features can reveal its personality | Daily Mail Online

Does¬†your cats personality match the shape of it’s face?



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