House Catified For 7 Cats

House Catified For 7 Cats

 When this couple bought a house, their friend catified it for their 7 cats!

After buying their first house together, this couple had realized that they had a problem. They had 7 cats and the house was not cat friendly. but luckily they had a good friend who catified it for them….

This is how one of the walls in my friends’ house looked before we decided to turn them into cats’ paradise

And this was the result

In February, 2014 my friend Eliza and her partner Tiffany bought their first house together

I knew I wanted to help catify their incredible new home for their 7 cats

After discussing some ideas we agreed that it would be best to create “super highway” so that the cats could travel from one end of the house to the other without setting foot on the floor

Beginning at the southeast end of the house, I installed a 12” x 6’ window perch

It’s perfect spot for the cats to soak up some sun while watching the wildlife. From here, Mountain Cat Climber shelves were installed 24” apart leading up to the southeast corner of the room.

The window perch was made extra large to all the cats could enjoy

I had to create custom shelves to allow access over the sliding glass door

Because of the embedded decorative beams along the walls, the shelves had to be mounted straight down onto these beams and shimmed as the beams were not flat on top. This worked perfectly and now the cats could travel over the door.

Upon reaching the other side of the sliding glass door, the cats would arrive at a custom 6-feet cat tree

The custom cat tree with hammock provides access to the catwalk and shelves. The cat tree provided a way down to the floor and also access to the first catwalk. Extra-large platforms as well as a roomy hammock made the cat tree perfect for this multi cat home.

Back up the cat tree the cats can easily step onto the catwalk which extends approximately 16 feet towards the West to the central post

Above you can see Agnes (the star of the photo shoot) traveling down the catwalk, surveying her kingdom.

Multiple points of access are important to allow the cats to get up and down so they never felt stuck or cornered

When the cats reach the central post they can choose to take the steps down to the floor, or continue around the post to the second catwalk on the other side. At the bottom of the post, I used over 200 feet of manila rope to wrap the first two feet of the post giving the cats a very convenient place to scratch.

I added more shelves to allow the cats to travel north along the west wall and access the second floor

I also wanted to create something special and a little different for the wall just below the second-floor railing

I wanted to create a wall of cat shelves that look something like leaves growing off branches

The result is a “leaf wall”

This space gives the cats multiple perching spots and they can even access the staircase from here.

Here’s Encore’s first time exploring the catwalk

Our Wall Mount Scratching Post was a perfect fit to the whole construction

“I bet I can get to the second floor from here”

Agnes leaps to the next shelf

Coming off the catwalk

We were able to use wood that complemented the existing wood in the home

Agnes took to the catwalks and shelves very quickly

It’s pretty cool drinking your morning coffee and having cats treading overhead

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