How to give a cat a pill

How to give a cat a pill

Giving a cat medicine can be a headache. No cat wants to get anything pushed down his throat, and he or she will struggle you hammer and tongs to prevent it. Despite the fact that many cats are little in size, you ‘d be quite astonished with how much strength they actually possess. There are several ways that you can give a cat a pill, which we are going to cover below.

What is the best way to give a cat a pill?

The easiest way to give a cat a pill is to crumble the pill into a powdery form by putting it in between two spoons. When the pill is powder, mix it in with some wet cat food. Cats that are used to eating dry cat food are going to see the wet food and think of it as a treat. They will typically eat it up, oblivious that they just swallowed their medication. In the case that the pill happens to be in capsule form, all you have to do is pull the capsule apart then sprinkle the medicine on some wet food and serve it to your cat.

If your pet is sick, chances are he or she won’t feel like eating and therefore not consume the medicated food . In this situation, one should really consider a pet pill gun. You can get these helpful devices off your veterinary clinic. They are plastic rods that hold the tablet until you push a plunger. When you pick up one of these, you should always buy a lengthy one with a softer tip.

How do you use a pet pill gun?

When you get your gun, your vet can show you the best ways to use it. One of the most difficult aspects of using the gun is actually getting your cat to open it’s mouth. The gun should basically shoot the pill inside the cat’s mouth, and down his or her throat. You’ll need to grip your cat tight, and make sure that it doesn’t wiggle his or her way loose. The moment you have their mouth open, you’ll should squeeze the trigger and remove the gun away quickly.

Easier said then done!

Right after the pill has definitely been inserted, make certain you give your cat a treat.

Give a cat a pill by hand

In case you aren’t comfortable working with the gun, one can always try giving your cat his or her medication by hand. To accomplish it this way, you’ll need to hold your cat still, and open up his or her mouth using your hand. The moment you have their mouth open, you must aim for the back of it’s throat and place the pill inside. The moment it is in his or her mouth, you need to shut your cats mouth with your hand and hold it shut for a couple of seconds, your cat should then swallow the pill. Then open your cats mouth again and check that it is not still in it’s mouth or else you may find that your little fur ball spits the pill out again when you think that you’re all done!

It's not easy to give a cat a pill!

If you aren’t able to get any of the above procedures to work, you could always go to a local drug store and get them to a produce flavored gel or liquid using your kitties medicine. One should use this as a last resort though, as it may often become costly.

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