The Licki Cat Brush

The Licki Cat Brush

You Can Finally Lick Your Cat With This Innovative Cat Brush

One way that cats bond with each other is by grooming, and they do this by licking each other. So if you want to bond with your cat then surely the best way to do would be to lick it right?

Thanks to this amazing new cat brush this idea may not be so ridiculous!

Have you been struggling to bond with your feline? Well, here’s some good news for you because now you can get closer to your cat by acting like one with this Licki Cat Brush. This innovative solution lets you brush your furry-friend by licking it like a cat would. Your cat will love it!

How does it work? The brush is shaped like a giant tongue that you simply need to put inside your mouth and…you can lick-brush your cat. While it may as well be a joke product, it does have its own website and a Kickstarter campaign coming soon, so it just might be real.

Ever wanted to lick your cat but didn’t want to risk getting a hair-ball? Stay tuned for the news then.

Ever wanted to lick your cat but didn’t want to risk getting a hair-ball?

Now you can lick-brush your cat with this new grooming tool!

The licki Cat Brush

Your cat will love it! Watch how it works here:

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