Lucy the library cat

Lucy the library cat

Lucy the library cat is so popular that a book has been written about her adventures at the library….

Lucy, a calico tabby who lives at Pember Library and Museum of Natural History, is such a star, the library on Wednesday is releasing a book about her.

“Library Lucy: Sleepy Secrets at the Pember Library and Museum” tracks Lucy through her overnight adventures at the library, where she has lived since 2008. She was adopted from a shelter as a 3-year-old, but the family who took her in had several other cats and Lucy wasn’t a good fit.

Being the top cat at a library that serves 2,000 patrons a month guarantees Lucy a lot of attention.

Guests bring in cat treats, catnip toys and drop change in a cat-shaped bank to help keep Lucy fed and in fresh litter.

That universal affection for the cat who spends her days lounging on a library windowsill and nosing her way onto readers’ laps led to a fundraising idea of creating a calendar that would feature photographs of Lucy.

Someone on the Friends of the Pember Library board said she knew a writer and suggested a book instead. The idea took off and the book, written by Kristina Martin of Shushan, was unveiled at a celebration evening at the library.

“Library Lucy” is Martin’s first-ever book, although she has written poetry and short stories for years.

“It’s kind of cute because a lot of people, when I said I was going to do a story about Lucy, most of the time, they’d say they didn’t have a story about her, then they’d turn around and tell me a story about her,” Martin said.

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