My Cats Saved Me From Cancer

My Cats Saved Me From Cancer

can sense when there is something wrong long before humans. This amazing story is a great example.

Devoted cat lover claims intuitive moggies saved her from

  • Stephanie Doody had no symptoms but her pet kept nudging her stomach – where doctors found a rare cancer in her appendix


Jaffy started laying his head on her stomach as she slept and in July, six months after the cats first indicated a problem, Stephanie found a small lump after losing some weight and headed to her doctor.

Medics at George Elliot Hospital initially believed she had an ovarian cyst, but this was later dismissed, as were ovarian cancer and bowel cancer as possible causes.

With the type of cancer still a mystery Stephanie, from Tamworth, Staffs, needed the support of her husband Jonathan Ball, 65, and one of her step-daughters Kaity, a dermatologist who works with skin cancer sufferers, as well as her cats.

They started researching the symptomless condition and Stephanie was eventually diagnosed with pseudomyxoma peritonei, a rare cancer of the appendix, at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital in September.

The incredibly complex and invasive operation was carried out by two teams of surgeons who removed a section of her bowel along with her appendix, spleen, gall bladder and cervix.

She said: “I absolutely believe the cats knew. The cancer is a molecular change in your body so you give off a different smell that they pick up on and they just try to get your attention.


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