What to feed your cat – A basic guide

What to feed your cat – A basic guide

In order to know what you should feed your cat you need to know exactly what your cats body requires to stay healthy.

Cats are what are actually known as obligate carnivores. An obligate carnivore is one that needs to eat meat. You can not just turn it out to graze around a pasture. The gastrointestinal tract of cats has actually been shortened and enhanced for proteins from meat. They just don’t have the digestive or dental equipment to process vegetation.

Yet despite their physical incapability to process plant materials, you will still see cats eating plants every now and then. There certainly are plenty of theories with regard to why cats will nibble on plants. They may be attempting to balance an upset digestive system or even add missing minerals and vitamins. Maybe they just like the flavor. Possibly it’s a mix of elements. The jury is still out with regards to this issue.cat, puppy, kitten

What should you feed your cat?

There certainly are several premium quality tinned cat foods on the market which have both high protein and adequate moisture to keep your cat healthy.

When choosing a product to feed your cat you need to consider the ingredients that are put into these tinned cat foods. Some of them are quite high in carbs and that can cause your cat to become diabetic due to the imbalance. Lots of cat foods also include wheat products, garlic and onion, corn and other substances. These are not only wrong for your cat, but they could cause it to become quite sick. There are additionally a great deal of by-products used in some pet foods and some of these are not really high in nutritional value.

Good nutrition when it comes to your cat is just as important as giving it a secure environment. Nutritional requirements for your cat will vary by age and size. What your he or she requires as a kitten will not be the same as they require in adulthood.

Try not to feed your cat human food. Many things, like chocolate and raw liver, are really hazardous to cats. Others can trigger digestion problems. Get rid of the bones from any cooked meat you might wish to give to your cat. Poultry and pork bones in specific are pron to splintering and can hurt your cat.

Wet food or dry food?

A lot of people feed their cats on a diet of dried food,  due to the fact that they are convenient and they know that their cats typically want to eat them. Although this may be easy, hassle-free and also a reasonably cost-effective means to feed the cat this is absolutely bad for it’s overall health.

Many dry foods are actually nutritionally lacking no matter what the manufacturers might claim, and in contrast to the list of nutrition that they specify on the back of these packs the best diet plan that you can give your cat is actually one that a lot of closely looks like the type of food that they would consume in the wild. The food which the cat eats in the wild is significantly greater in protein than any of the dry foods on the marketplace.
Another problem using dry food is the lack of water within the food. It’s essential that cats to get an adequate supply of fresh water available at any time, and even more so when consuming these types of dried food diets.

While there are formulas for old and young cats, hair ball formulas, and a lot of the different combos which are supposed to increase health of your pet, a diet plan substantial in fresh meat, fish and poultry, we’ll do a lot more for your cat health compared to any of these processed foods.

How much, when and where?

The average adult cat will require about one cup of food a day. The right amount of food for your cat will depend on your cats size, age and also the type of food you choose to feed your cat. If you are uncertain your vet will be able to advise you. Cats value consistency in their feeding schedules, it’s best to divide your cats daily allowance into two or three meals and try to feed them at around the same times everyday.Where to feed your cat

Find a special place to feed your cat away from noise and high traffic areas, it’s hard to eat your dinner when people are stepping on you!

Changing cat food

At some time you may need to change what you feed your cat. It could be that your local store stops carrying the product you like or possibly your kitty has actually aged enough to graduate to grownup food.

When you need to change from one type of food to the other, do this in a gradual.process. Moving gradually from one to the other over the course of a week will help avoid digestive upsets.

Treats and snacks

Serving treats is something for you to determine if you want to do it. Some people like to use them as a form of reward for training whilst others will not give treats at all. If you do decide you want to give treats make sure you consider what they consist of. As with normal cat food there are lots of great cat treats on the market today. But be careful not to overindulge your cat and turn her into a furry beach ball with legs!

Cat Food Review

If you are not sure about what sort of cat food to buy then I recommend reading this article https://www.reviews.com/cat-food/ . They analysed over 1700 cat food formulas to find the best and the worst cat food on the market today.

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