Why Do You Have to Use Cat Litter?

Why Do You Have to Use Cat Litter?

If you’re not using cat litter you may want to reconsider. This article by CatLitterExpert explains why.

Why Do You Have to Use Cat Litter?

If you were ever wondering why it is required or highly recommended to use cat litter, then you came to the right place. Although you may first think that cats can use a pee pad just like dogs, cats are lot different when it comes to doing their business.

Dogs can pee anywhere, including your lawn and your floor. However, a cat is a lot different because they can’t just pee anywhere. They like to do it in a closed-off area where they can’t be seen. This is mostly due to their thought process and how they evolved as a species.

Therefore, for cats, it is recommended for you to get a litter box for your cat instead of a litter pad. If you still aren’t convinced, here are some disadvantages if you decide to let your cat pee anywhere like a dog.

Disadvantages for Not Using Cat Litter

First, your cat will start peeing in random places that you won’t even realize was possible for your cat to pee in. This includes the cable unit area behind TV’s and entertainment stations as well as cupboards will all your favorite dishes and cups. These areas are usually hell to clean and may require replacements.

Secondly, your cat will start to have urinary tract problems. When your cat wants to urinate, but can’t find any safe locations to pee, then it will hold it in until it can find a location to do so. As cats are a bit fussy about where they want to pee, they won’t until they find a suitable spot they like. For treating urinary tract problems, it may cost upwards of thousands of dollars over time which may make the litter option seem more affordable.

So, Should You Use Cat Litter?

In summary, in the end, there are lots of reasons why we recommend cat litter for cats. Do note that using a pee pad or letting your cat pee anywhere it likes isn’t a problem and is a fine option. However, to live more comfortably, it is a lot easier to spend a bit more every month to purchase cat litter to give your pet the options to pee inside its litter box in privacy and have everything in place for you to scoop and throw away.

If you want to learn more about cat litter, check out CatLitterExpert.

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